Sambro On-Pack Messages

At Sambro we are working hard to make sustainable changes to our packaging. We are looking at the materials we use, whether they are suitable and how they can be improved. A number of our products now feature on-pack messages to show the changes we have made, and these are explained below. 

Plastic Free Packaging

Any Sambro product bearing this logo boasts packaging that is completely free from plastic elements, including; Polybags - Blisters - Shrink Wrap - Polystyrene - Bubble Wrap - Plastic Ties. The only plastic elements included are the tape and / or glue which are needed to hold the packaging together. This means that the packaging is completely recyclable.

Reduced Packaging

We are working to remove unnecessary parts of our packaging, and reduce the packaging size where possible. This helps us use less materials in the first place, as well as reduce our emissions. Products bearing this logo have had the weight of their packaging reduced compared to a previous version - please see the table below for full information on each product.

Reusable Bag

We have made the change to reusable bags for many of our seasonal products - the zip lock or zip feature means that the bag can be used to store the product at home! As this packaging doubles up as retail storage, it has removed the need for single-use plastic polybags.

Playable Packaging

This logo shows that the packaging has a secondary use as a play element. It may feature line drawings that you can colour in, or cut-out elements that can be used for crafting. It may be that the packaging itself is actually part of the product, designed to be kept at home and used every time you play with your toy!

Forest Stewardship Council

The FSC logo shows that the paper or card used in this packaging has been sourced from well-managed forests. The Forest Stewardship Council supports Forests around the world, protecting areas from deforestation and ensuring that communities and workers are treated fairly.
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