At Sambro we are working hard to bring Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria to the forefront of our business. As we move forward we want to do more, and reducing our impact without compromising on quality is our focus, both for now and the future.

Our ESG Strategy is outlined in the three pillars below:
Responsible sourcing and people management
Build a robust and transparent supply chain by ensuring that firm Ethical Sourcing requirements are met by any production site we use. Protect the health, wellbeing, and safety needs of our people and those involved in our supply chain, both at home and abroad. Ensure the leadership of our company steers us towards diversity and inclusion at every turn and that we cultivate a positive working culture.
Generating a positive impact with consumers and communities through the products and goods we source
Consider the product integrity of what we create and how it will affect the end user. Evaluate the end-of-life options for our products and what could be done to improve them, aiming for less toys in landfills and a better circular economy. Steer the sourcing and manufacturing of our goods to local companies and services wherever possible, so that we can give back to local communities and make a positive impact.
Proactive management of resource and energy consumption
Strive to include recycled, recyclable and more sustainably sourced materials in our products and packaging wherever possible. Evaluate all of our operations in order to optimize our resource consumption and reduce our Carbon Emissions. Measure the waste generated across our sites and evaluate opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle, whilst encouraging our supply chain to do the same.

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